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Agent Referrals

Many times when an investor purchases a residential property to hold as a rental, the Realtor® representing the investor will refer the client to us for the sole purpose of property management.

This usually happens because either the Agent, or the Agent’s Broker does not want to be part of the specialized world of property management. In fact, many real estate brokerages will not allow their agents to engage in property management activities. Frankly, this is a wise decision. Residential property management does not lend itself to anything other than full time participation.

When we receive a Realtor® client referral, OC Property Management goes out of its way to protect the pre existing agent-client relationship by giving the Agent a written non compete Referral Fee Agreement (CAR form RFA-11).

The referring Realtor® may want to list the property for lease themselves and then turn it over to us for management after a tenant has been located. On the other hand, we are sometimes asked to list the property for lease and handle the entire process. We prefer the latter approach because the first critical step toward successful management is the selection of a good tenant and we have a great deal of experence in that regard.

Depending on the arrangement, the referring Realtor® is paid a management referral fee and/or a lease referral fee and given a written non compete agreement.

If at a later time if the client decides to purchase another property, or to sell the property being managed, we
mmediately refer that client back to the referring Realtor®.

Our reputation as a trusted company is important to us

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